“2012 Boot Camp Classes”

February 4 & 5


I enjoyed the whole experience, the way you incorporate everything bringing all the pieces together and entertaining. Learning about structure. It was worth every penny!    Eric, Wisconsin

I enjoyed being out in the field so I could see with my own eyes, best information I’ve found, should have done this years ago.      Keith, Michigan

I’m 34 yrs old been hunting since I was 12. I learned more about deer movement in this weekend than the 22 yrs I’ve been hunting, worth every penny, thank you!   Matt, Michigan


This is my third time attending Tony’s boot camp. It is valuable to refresh this information every year, and there is always new information. I will be back every year. I am pleased with every aspect of this program.    Jim, Pennsylvania

Walking around and seeing the program, seeing it is important in order to understand. Super interesting, left with lots of ideas to improve our property.   Tom, Michigan


My favorite part of the Whitetail Boot Camp? Every one of the advanced tactics, I would rate it an A+, and would be happy to give wonderful references.   Dan, Michigan

It’s like he got the book on deer behavior right from mother nature.   Scott, Michigan


The best part of attending the Whitetail Boot Camp? Touring Tony’s properties to actually see how everything is done.    Al, Michigan


Was worth it all at twice the price, loved it all.   Larry, Michigan


Tony and Chris were great, the whole camp was awesome!! Money well spent.    Jeff, Michigan


I would rate my weekend experience 10+. When you learn stuff you love- it’s awesome, time is always a factor in my life so being able to manipulate your property to contain the animals you are after is obviously a big plus. The little things make the big things- totally true.     Casey, Indiana


I may have learnt more the 2nd time than the 1st. Maybe by the 3rd I can remember even 1/2 of the information. I am happy that I had you lay out my property before I messed up on my own.      Randy, Michigan

Very good.     Floyd, Michigan


First hour was worth the price.    Jesse, Michigan


February 11 & 12



Seeing the property in person, you can read everything but seeing it really helps.  Breath taking. Rethink almost everything you “know” about deer and hunting.    Eric, Michigan


After 90 minutes outside the first day I felt like I had my money’s worth. The subsequent 12 hrs there were icing on the cake. This was the ultimate weekend and before you spend another penny on the next gadget, trick, or false hope it would behoove you to attend. My only regret is not doing this 4 yrs ago when I first considered the visit. I most enjoyed the opportunity to observe the property structure layout on the outdoor tours, I least enjoyed having to leave. Thanks again for a great weekend, look forward to seeing you in July.    Matt, Michigan


Actually going out seeing first hand in the fields helped me understand the whole picture, there were truly no negative points to bring up. I couldn’t imagine more info. My head is spinning with data overload as it is. Awesome!! I am mad I didn’t enroll years ago, best money I have spent in a long time.  “Pure Genius”     John, Michigan


Very good- to overwhelming. I have a lot of work to do this spring!    Mark, Wisconsin


Observing first hand to what detail you have made to this property to use 100 % of the land to make it 100% desirable to whitetail’s. After seeing what you have accomplished on your small parcel I realized my small parcel has huge potential. Just didn’t know what I needed to do until attending your boot camp. I consider myself to be a pretty good deer hunter but I can’t even come close to matching Tony’s  knowledge of the whitetail deer.   Mike, Michigan


I felt that your whole program was great. It showed me the mistakes I’m making, everything was set up perfect. The information was very clear and understandable.  Kurt, Wisconsin


10   Mike, Michigan


Everything was great, overwhelmed and lots of work ahead.    James,   Wisconsin


Great.    Harold, Michigan


Intriguing! Great in every way can’t wait to try it.    Tom, Michigan


5- Stars “Genus”    Isaac,  Michigan


Great.  Jeff, Michigan


Boot camp was time and money well spent! Good information form good people and plenty of time for individual questions. A class act from start to finish.   Keith, Wisconsin


Tony knows his stuff and good at showing you, and Chris is just as good.            Dan, Michigan


I’d do it again just because it’s that much fun!    Jay, Michigan


Tony definitely has a talent on reading the landscape and controlling deer.   Todd, Michigan


Great.   Steve, Illinois


Tony brings everything you have seen together and make sense out of the crazy whitetail world.     Dave, Wisconsin

Excellent.    Jesse, Michigan


March 16 & 17


We had tony to set up our land and the deer numbers are unbelievable form the years before.    Anthony,   Ohio


Wow incredible.    Sylvan,  Pennsylvania


Excellent information, not heard at any other seminars.     Michael,  Michigan


This boot camp is key to anybody that’s serious about the great outdoors and the amazing whitetail deer. You will not be sorry. Absolutely the best money spent!   Melvin,  Pennsylvania


Informative    John,  Pennsylvania


Awesome.  Andy, Pennsylvania


Jesus, Mozart, Einstein, LaPratt 🙂  Excellent!    Arney,  Maine


Excellent    Joshua, Pennsylvania


It is absolutely awesome and this is my second trip.    Reuben, Pennsylvania


I now feel like I am basically wasting my time in the woods if I do not implement Tony’s knowledge of the whitetail deer! Thanks so much!!!     Jeremy,  Indiana


Amazing!  You are on top of it all!!!    Abner, Pennsylvania


Overwhelming- but good.   Daniel, Pennsylvania


Top’s   Amos, Pennsylvania


Great.   Daniel, Pennsylvania


Excellent.  Mervin, Pennsylvania


I enjoyed being outside and seeing everything, Awesome.  Reuben, Pennsylvania


The most informational whitetail experience you could have in your life!   Arlan, Wisconsin


It was more than I could handle the way it was, but if you add more I want to be back. 5 star!!! Tony and Chris are people who know and understand whitetail more than all the rest together.    Joel, Indiana


Good.    Elam, Wisconsin


A great learning experience. Tons of useful “know how” to improve our hunting ground. Plan to implement. Had a great time. Loved learning this stuff!! Thank you Tony, Lesa, and Chris! Appreciate all the useful information to help better my hunting through all the land techniques and strategies. Definitely presented a new and improved way to look at things. I’m excited to put your plan to use!    Jon,  Michigan


Enjoyed having the opportunity to look and walk Tony’s whitetail maze. WOW.  I wanna say thank you to Tony, Chris, Lesa for sharing their passion the last two days. I was amazed at not only what they have done on their property, but the knowledge they have in knowing that they are going to have great hunting the rest of their life. Thanks’ again.     Mike, Ohio


In one day the property I hunt will be better by 100%, and that only scratches the surface.     Jeff,  Indiana


I really enjoyed  the boot camp and can’t wait to put some of the tactics into use.   Randy,  Michigan


Enjoyed all of the ultimate knowledge, seeing the implementation of your strategies. I look forward to sending you a photo of a trophy buck with your strategies in action.      Jim, Michigan


Very informative.    Marcus,   Ohio


Very excellent and learning experience! I would refer you to anybody! Please feel free to contact me!    Ivan, Ohio


March 24 & 25


Worth double the price! Unbelievable. “Unique information unavailable anywhere else that is worth double the fee!”  John, Michigan


I think it was a good deal not expensive for what I have learned.  Daniel, Wisconsin


I learned more this weekend than I have in the last 12 years of planting food plots.   David, New York


Tony and Chris will open up our mind to endless possibilities to Land Management and hunting… small land parcels… should have done this 10 yrs ago.    Scott, Michigan


The amount of information is amazing, most productive two days for learning Land Management possible.    Gerald, Ohio


Tony along with Chris have a profound knowledge of whitetail behavior. They look at property in a way most hunters/landowners do not see. They use their knowledge to keep deer on your property.   Ken, Michigan


Tony’s class leaves you feeling that you have a competitive advantage over neighbors and mature bucks. A very powerful mindset to approach habitat management with.     Ben,   Michigan


Incredible, For the price of a bow Boot Camp made me a better hunter for life!!     Chris, Michigan

Thought all of it was very good and all goes hand in hand it’s like a system. You need to see the property to get the picture. Your trying to save hunters from themselves.   Larry, Michigan


Attending this camp is the best money I have every spent. Rodney, Michigan


Tony needs to ass a warning label to his brochure for Whitetail Boot Camp; ” WARNING: This seminar may cause writer’s cramp”. There is so much information to take down that by the end of the 2 days your hand hurts from writing. Tony is passionate about what he does. He is the best deer behaviorist I have ever met. Tony is not “Mr. Whitetail”, he is “Mr. Whitetail Behaviorist”. Tony makes his information simple, understandable, and practical.    Aldo, Arkansas


April 14 & 15 

Tony is the master deer manipulator, listen to him! Tony, Chris, and Lesa are a fantastic team!     Bill, Indiana


Brilliant insight, without a doubt the most overwhelming wealth of knowledge on the whitetail’s world. Within 4 hrs of the camp I was given more information that I’ve missed over the last 25 yrs.    Michael, Indiana


Great, a life changing experience!    Brian, Ohio


Excellent, opened my eyes to a whole new set of ideas.    Doug, Ohio


I enjoyed all of it: Tony is Great @ his job and he works very hard @ it. If anybody wants to learn the most about deer hunting go to Tony’s Whitetail Boot Camps. It can change your whole ideas of deer hunting. Tony is truly a complete deer hunter.    Deny,  Michigan


I have known Tony and Chris for years, I have also known their commitment to the whitetail deer and deer hunting. But I had no idea of their real true knowledge of the total overall approach to issues involved.    David, Michigan


I have been deer hunting for over 35 yrs and read and watched everything about deer hunting that was out there. That being said I learned more useful methods in 2 days than all the years combined.   Thomas, Michigan


“Tony’s Boot Camp was an epiphany!  A completely different approach to improving your hunting prospects that is based on common sense.  Mark, Wisconsin


April 20 & 21


I strongly recommend it to everybody that’s interested in deer.    Joas, Indiana


Tony and Chris are some of the most knowledgeable whitetail hunters around. The amount of knowledge they pass on is priceless!!   Andrew,  Michigan


Unbelievable understanding of deer behavior, thinks outside the box. 10 out of 10.   Alan,  Michigan


Excellent knowledge, thank you very much.   Tob, Iowa


Very informational indoor and outdoor stuff on the whitetail.   Dave,  Indiana


Everything!  I enjoyed walking thru the woods and seeing things first hand. Made a lot more sense to do that first. Tony LaPratt is a man with a vast knowledge of whitetail deer. He knows what he is doing and is confident of himself. I would recommend him to everyone.    David,  Indiana


Excellent    Troy, Iowa


Ton of information in a short amount of time.    Mark,  Indiana


I enjoyed every minute of it, but being in the fields and watching Tony explain deer mannerism’s was the most enjoyable and likely the part I learned the most on. Less than an hour into boot camp and I looked at my friend and said; I already learned enough to justify the money, travel, and time to have come!!    Ben, Wisconsin


April 28 & 29

  Raycen Anders

Youngest Boot Camp Grad

Thank you all for sharing and explaining what I have been seeing all these years. It’s just common sense! HA! ( really not that common I guess) Warren , Michigan


Fabulous 10 out of 10. If you want to improve your land beyond what you ever imagined possible. This course is a must. Tony is the real deal!  Ryan, Michigan


I enjoyed everything – The class and walking in the woods/land to actually see what is being taught.  Dawn, Wisconsin


I really enjoyed all the parts of the Boot Camp , walking in the woods and seeing everything really opened my eyes to what can be done to a small parcel. An absolute eye opening experience.  Chad, Wisconsin


had a wonderful time at bootcamp. Everybody was so nice to us and the information was presented excellent.

After the weekend at the whitetail research center, our love for the whitetail deer has increased as has my fuel bill for the bulldozer, tractor and chainsaw!!  We are putting Tony’s knowledge onto our land and enjoying every minute of it!! Tinger


I’ve owned my 48 acres where I live and hunt for eight years now.  I’ve spent most of this time educating myself on food plots and planting thousands of conifers around the property lines.  Due to circumstances I’ve not been able to attend a Boot Camp and consequently I’ve been almost scared to do any work in the woods.  Now that I’ve attended the Whitetail Boot Camp I honestly believe NOT doing any major work before attending was the best habitat decision I’ve made yet!  I got home yesterday at 4PM and spent the rest of the day inspecting my property in an effort to connect the weekends information to my hunting ground.  In all these years I’ve never walked my property as slowly and deliberately as I did yesterday!  In over three hours of walking I didn’t even get to half the property.  I thought food plotting was addictive but I can see I’m going to have a new addiction competing for my limited time.  It’s going to take some time to improve my property but I’m very confident that I’ll have the best property in the section!  Thanks Tony – Jack, Michigan


May 16 & 17


It’s too difficult to pick just one “best” component—– it’s an extreme experience with each part an essential ingredient for a great experience. Tony and his entire team opened our eyes to show our entire camp what we’ve been doing wrong for over a decade. Their system will make our hunting property a productive piece of land which will be an asset for many years— providing       and exciting outdoor experience for a lifetime.

For me it’s an outstanding opportunity, IT’S AWESOME. I came here not knowing what i needed to do, I’m leaving here not knowing where to start. I’m awakening to a new way of thinking. Thanks Tony.   Floyd, Missouri

AWESOME! Be ready to view your property in a whole new way.  New knowledge = New Vision.   Docia, Missouri