“2011 Boot Camp Classes”




I attended Tony’s boot camp in August of 2009 and was simply overwhelmed by the amount of information that Tony provided and turned me into a better deer hunter. In March of 2010 Tony came to my property and designed the property for maximum deer habitat. I worked all spring and summer implementing the tactics that Tony had provided.   The results have been amazing. Deer immediately began using the tactics and I began seeing more and bigger bucks on the property and the tactics makes them easier to harvest. Not only was my property improved but so was my hunting skills and my scent control. At the Boot Camp Tony will provide you all the information needed to kill big bucks on a consistent basis. Tony will provide you knowledge that you cannot receive from a magazine or video because no one else in the whitetail world can make a big buck bed where they want him to, Tony can. Because of Tony’s and Chris’s vast knowledge I attended this boot camp and again I cannot believe how much more information I was able to retain. Now all the pieces are beginning to come together. If you are a serious deer hunter you need to stop wasting your money on cameras, videos and magazines and come to Tony’s boot camp. You then and only then will truly begin to learn the truth about deer behavior. Attending Tony’s Boot camp is as important as your bow/gun – Sam – Indiana

The only thing bad about Tony’s Boot Camp was the Monday after because I was unable to concentrate at work.  All I could think about was the great things Tony taught me. – Louis – Michigan

I don’t know what’s more impressive, the energy or the ingenuity – Glenn – Michigan

I learned more about whitetail behavior in a two day boot camp than I have in the last two decades reading magazines – Jared – Michigan

It might sound crazy, but this guy is a pure Genius.  Trust me you’ll wonder how he comes up with this stuff – John – Wisconsin

Insight you don’t hear or see elsewhere.  A common sense approach to uncommon knowledge – Tom – Wisconsin

The whole experience leaves you wanting more – Lee – Wisconsin

This is my second time I’ve attended Boot Camp.  I learned as much or more this time around.  Tony, Chris & Ed are amazing.  Worth every penny – Dan – Wisconsin

I was at 1st skeptical, but more than worth the time & $. You guys did a great job. Very well done from a-z and very professional from top to bottom! Randy – Michigan

Any serious hunter needs to attend this boot camp. I thought I knew deer & deer hunting. I have been introduced to a whole new world of hunting.  I have a whole new outlook of hunting!  Great boot camp – Jeffrey – Michigan

Every serious hunter needs to attend Tony’s boot camp. – Todd – Michigan





Thanks for all you guys offer to the hunting world. Todays world is all about the latest gimmick and not about offering something of true value.  ULM is a unique and enlightening opportunity for the hunter of North America…..thanks for all you guys do – Doug – Michigan

I am a hunter that has harvested several 130″ plus bucks. After this weekend I am wondering how I ever did this.   I realize I only used 10-15% of my farm potential. Boot Camp was very professional & personable. – Jack – Indiana

Words do not do Tony’s boot camp justice. This is an excellent experience for all hunters. Every aspect of Boot Camp exceeded my expectations. – Michael – Michigan

I thought it was the best the first time. Now the second time I know it is the best.  Because now I know the answers to the questions I had from the first camp – Cary – Michigan

It was all very good learning situation. Highly rated week-end. – Michigan

Great experience, can’t wait to get home and start my bedding areas. Tony and Chris are professionals.  This was the best money I have ever spent on anything related to hunting – Doug – Michigan

Genuine – Fred – Michigan

Awesome – Jim – Michigan

Mind-blowing. Boot Camp was the most eye opening experience about setting up a property to have & contain whitetail deer and wildlife. If someone needs any information about whitetail behavior & whitetail hunting & property management to hold whitetails, then come to boot camp. Thank you Tony, Chris & Lesa.  Really appreciate everything –  Michigan

I really enjoyed listening to Tony & Chris.  They get you excited about starting you own deer habitat and I can’t wait to get started.  They are full of knowledge. I also enjoyed looking at all the trophy bucks on the walls. To be able to look at the uniqueness of each buck.  Michigan

I had an awsome time at Boot Camp.  I live in PA and ended up flying alone, so the cost of Boot Camp was only part of my cost for the weekend, But I will tell you it was worth every penny of what I spent, and hopefully someday will be able to go back to Boot Camp.  The whole weekend at Boot Camp my mind was like a sponge.  I was able to hold on to alot of thigs I learned, but I’m sure some things slipped through the cracks.  Tony, Chris and The Alpha Doe thanks for the awesome weekend.  For all you people that are not sure about Tony Lapratt, He is the Real Deal, and truly is gifted in knowing how whitetails and the outdoors thinks.  Thanks again for the great weekend – Pete – Pennsylvania




I have been hunting and spending time in the great outdoors for more than 40 years.  I was trained as a hunter by an old trapper and one of the great woodsmen of Northern Michigan.  Taking that into consideration, I believe I learned more about Whitetail hunting and deer habits in two days with Tony than I have in the past 40 years. – Clay – Michigan

Turn your whitetail wood upside down. Will learn too much info. Lots of fun. Everything I was hoping for. – Dan – Michigan

Tony, Chris, Lesa, & Ed are a great group of people. If you listen & ask questions you will learn all about deer & hunting – Heather – Michigan

I have never read, seen, or met someone who has injected themselves into the world of whitetails and understands their behavior to such a detailed level and then able to “show” and explain it as common sense / easy to understand – Nick – Michigan

Tony is the real deal!  His whitetail knowledge will drop your jaw! – Brad – Michigan

Ready – Set – GO!  Get ready for a wild 2 day ride. “Outstanding” The information will take you to a new deer hunting and land management levels – Mark – Michigan

Money well spent – Anthony – New York

Plenty of info to try to absorb for 2 days – Pete – Wisconsin

Great information – Cal – New York

Great – John – Michigan

Great mix of field & classroom – Nathan – Wisconsin

Excellent – Derek – Indiana

MARCH 11-12



A must have boot camp for any true whitetail deer hunter!!!

The knowledge that we obtained in this class is just cause for the deer to be nervous!! – Michael – Michigan


Great – Merlin – Indiana

Great, Lots of knowledge. – Lamar – Indiana

OUTSTANDING!  I was more than satisfied with anything and everything about the week-end boot camp.  I most appreciated your concern for Connor my Son; getting him rain gear because his Dad forgot it!  Looking after all our needs, drying cloths in the dryer, getting him a heated vest, and the list goes on and on… I am very grateful and your attention to detail was not lost on me!

I have been hunting and spending time in the great outdoors for more than 40 years.  I was trained as a hunter by an old trapper and one of the great woodsmen of Northern Michigan.  Taking that into consideration, I believe I learned more about Whitetail hunting and deer habits in two days with Tony than I have in the past 40 years.

Tony LaPratt:  A gifted man passionate about his work as a Whitetail Expert!  Two speeds, Sleeping and 100 mph, full speed ahead!  Great voice projection.

Chris Pierson:  A little more refined than Tony, and equally knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his work.

Lesa LaPratt:  The key person that makes all the trains come and go on time!  Knowledgeable, diligent, and most importantly VERY kind and personable, a GREAT PR resource.  When I first talked to Lesa on the phone I could “hear it” in her voice.

Ed Spinozolla:  The Grandfatherly type, kind and polite, and a great resource of vast knowledge in whitetail management, specifically food plots. – Clay & Connor – Michigan


MARCH 26-27


I learned more in these two days about deer and the hunting of them, than any two days of my life on any subject! – Mark – Michigan

You don’t know what ya don’t know – Rene – Michigan

I am a realist and love Tony’s realistic thinking – Joe – Wisconsin

Good –  James – Michigan

Stop wasting time – GO! Just GO

I personally don’t own any land the things I learned here I can use anywhere state land included. I feel that I’m already a better hunter. – Trevor -Michigan


APRIL 9-10


If you are wondering why you are not shooting trophies on a regular basis you need to take this class! It is amazing how many things I was either doing wrong or not doing at all. I have learned in one weekend more about deer management than I have in 25 years of hunting. Tony’s suggestions are 20 years ahead of the competition.  – Jeremiah – Pennsylvania

I got “Wow’d” a second time at boot camp. This is something everyone should do to open their eyes and their minds to the real whitetail world. – Dan – Wisconsin

Second experience in boot camp is just as valuable as first time – Michael – Wisconsin

Tony completely changed the way I think about deer and deer management during the first 2 hours of the course! – Doug – Wisconsin

If you think you know whitetail deer think again. This program will change your thinking for the better. – John – Minnesota

I got more knowledge in the first 1/2 day of boot camp than I have gathered from a lifetime of hunting. I got my money’s worth before noon on the first day! – David – Mississippi

Tony’s genius about deer makes me believe he was a whitetail in a past life and got reincarnated to teach us how to get trophy bucks.  – Ben – Wisconsin

If you want to know how to do it right the first time and not spend a lot of time and money doing it wrong you need to come to the boot camp. – Josh – Michigan

Before you even think about developing your land take this course to understand what could be done. – Jack – Michigan

Now I know that every serious deer hunter should take Tony’s boot camp.  Also Chris thanks for all the help.  Lesa Thanks for hospitality.  Tony your info is unbelievable – Ray – Canada

You are never to old to learn – Jay – Wisconsin

Tremendous!  Brutal honesty and brilliant ideas! – Dennis – Wisconsin

Thanks Tony, Chris, Ed & Lesa!  I enjoyed my 2nd trip to boot camp as much as my 1st.  Keep thinking/working/sharing – Curtis – Missouri

I believe Tony & Chris want to be the best at what they do and anyone who attends a boot camp will get more than their money’s worth.  Tim – Michigan


APRIL 15-16


When I got home I walked my property and discovered deer signs which I overlooked before.  The Boot Camp concepts are so straight forward and practical that it was an “awakening” to me that I was managing my property in ways that were negatively impacting my hunting success.   Thank you for two very productive days – Dave – Michigan

A+    Kevin – Michigan

After 41 years on hunting I learned more in two days than I did the previous 41 years – Dick – Wisconsin

If you use your money wisely, spend it here first! – Paul – Michigan

Tony has a very unique system that is many years in the making.  His knowledge is invaluable to a person who is serious about time management for deer on their property – Dwayne – Michigan

Unbelievable combination of observation and practical application that opened my mind and will change the way I hunt and manage my property – Steve – Georgia

Absolutely amazing experience and would gladly come back for more – Troy – Michigan

Tony knows his stuff – Martin – Indiana

Going through the boot camp for the second time was actually more beneficial than the 1st time – Jim – Minnesota

Blew me away after the first hour and only got better from there on. This after just the first day, I can’t wait for day 2. – Ryan – Michigan

If you want to think outside the box – you have to come to this boot camp. – Darlene – Michigan

If you are at all serious about improving your deer hunting, Tony’s seminar is a prerequisite – Russell – Michigan

100% – Lester -Indiana

Great – Glen – Ohio



APRIL 30 – MAY 1


Its taken me 50 years in the woods not getting big bucks to realize I need to spend 2 days at Tony’s to do things right – Joe – Wisconsin

As a friend or a client you will find that the info & knowledge Tony has on whitetail habitat & management is simply phenomenal!  Tony’s commitment, dedication, & creativity are qualities that put him completely ahead of all other whitetail managers/specialists.  Anyone interested in being a true whitetail trophy hunter, I would strongly recommend attending a Boot Camp and/or U.L.M day on your property – Darren – Michigan

Tony and his team have a gift to share. You can’t argue with his results. I was blown away by the knowledge they have and share every last detail of how to get it done.  Nothing held back, every question answered. The whole experience was absolutely wonderful! I enjoyed the split between the classroom and walking the property. – Tasha – Michigan

The Whitetail Boot Camp is worth its value in gold. The longer you wait, the longer you’re missing the boat.Your loss is my gain – Roy – Michigan

I have learned more here in 2 days of hands on then I could have ever learned on the internet – Denis – Canada

2nd time at camp and the knowledge you learn is invaluable – Robert – Wisconsin

Great – Bill -New York

Awesome – Robert- Michigan

10 Plus – Nick – Michigan


MAY 18-19


Now I’m starting to understand what I’ve seen for the last 11 years – Jordy – Michigan

I had been told by several land owners they learned more about hunting in the tow day boot camp than they had learned on their own in their entire hunting life.  I began to recommend to people to look into attending.  After attending the camp myself, I will insist that anyone that wants to improve their hinting land & experience should attend & consider having Tony & Chris come to their hunting property – David – Michigan

If you want to have killability see Tony LaPratt & Chris – Jeff – Michigan

Awesome!  Common sense techiniques that I have not seen in any publication anywhere.  Well worth the time & money.  Thanks to Tony and the crew – Chris – Wisconsin


July 16-17


There were 6 additional attendees that are not shown in this picture

“Plant it and they will come” (and stay).  If we can utilize 60% of what we learned we will be successful!!  Can’t wait to utilize all the techniques on our property in the next 34 years.  We can’t go wrong! – Timothy – Michigan

I have hunted for 30 years and had all the pieces in the hunting puzzle, but Tony helped me to put the puzzle together!  Thanks Tony, Chris, Ed, and Lesa.

 Mark – Michigan

This program I believe is more than a $800 class – Kyler – Michigan

The way Tony, Lesa, and Chris made this class & everyone feel like they were catering especially to them.  10 out of 10 – Michael – Michigan

No one compares to the knowledge and enthusiasm that Tony has – Jacob – Michigan

You may think you know whitetail habitat management until you come to Tony’s boot camp!  You may think you know food plot management until you come to Tony’s boot camp! – Bob – Pennsylvania

If your serious about hunting and increasing your skill set, then you need to take this course.  Everything I spent up until now was a waste of money.  This was the best money I ever spent on the sport!!! – Larry – Michigan

I came to LaPratt’s Boot Camp with a bachelors degree in whitetail hunting.  I went home with a doctorates in whitetails! – Adam – Michigan

The first 15 minutes of being out in the field with Tony paid for the course.  I only wish I had done it 20 years ago!!! – Robin – New York

It’s amazing to find out how much I didn’t know about whitetails and how to better the whole hunting experience & strategy.  Especially when I thought I was doing a good job in the first place.  Just goes to show that here is always more to learn.  Thanks for selling us your life experience.  Well worth the time and money.  I plan on returning for a second go round. – Laurie – New York


August 6-7


I came a curious skeptic but left a believer. – Daniel- Michigan

Tony has forgotten more about whitetails then I will ever know. Throw out everything you thought you knew about whitetails. Tony taught me how to think like a deer when creating habitat. – Gary – Michigan

Tony has a vast amount of whitetail deer behavior knowledge and has a teaching style that makes learning this information fun. – Joseph – Michigan

If you have property and love whitetails this is the best info I have ever heard. – Chad – Michigan

To the deer hunters or land managers that want to find out that extra 20% of the missing pie, this is a must. In my opinion this is what it takes to learn how to harvest trophy class caliber whitetails period. – Nik – Michigan

Tony, Chris – You guys have blown me away. Very professional. Being a business man I can appreciate your hard work. A+ I’ve never seen anything like it. Again Thanks Guys. – Tim – Michigan

If you want big bucks to live on your property for your hunting success and your families future hunting, come to Tony’s Boot Camp. – Mary – Michigan

If you own your land and deer hunt you owe it to yourself to attend The Whitetail Boot Camp. – Don – Michigan

Whitetail Boot Camp is an excellent source of knowledge & experience bundled together and taught so that it makes sense. – Wendy – Michigan

Whitetail Boot Camp totally changed the way I will walk through the woods forever. It makes you see the woods through the animals eyes.

Jeff – Michigan


This boot camp has shown me my previous mistakes and the correct way to do things. It will completely change my property set up and the way I hunt. Only wish I could have attended sooner. – Matt – Michigan

I hate camps, schools, organized events !!!! However, I enjoyed this experience !!! The overwhelming amount of new information, I have never been exposed to, Absolutely No Words to do justice, Just show up !!! – Adam – Michigan

A+ well worth the time & money, Thanks – Carl – Wisconsin