“2010 Boot Camp Classes”




Thank you Tony and Chris. I arrived with considerable expectations, and left with all of them exceeded. I cannot wait to apply the lessons -learned in the coming years and have no doubt that I will find measurable results. Looking forward to working with you for years to come.

Bryant  Kansas

This class accelerated my knowledge and understandings of white tailed deer.

 Rich Michigan

 There are a number of concepts for managing big bucks, but no one has presented it in a manner that Tony has done.  Showing how practical and east it can be to implement.  Thanks Tony and Lesa.

Dave Michigan

When I first signed up I saw they gave discounts for returning clients and thought who would need to go back and was worried if

I should even go the first time. After the camp I understand why and will be back myself.

 Yahn Wisconsin

Excellent and informative classes! Learned more than I thought I could’ve.

 Ryan Wisconsin

I want to thank you guys for a sleepless Saturday night! I had information flying threw my head.  Thanks for opening my eyes and force feeding so much information.  Eric Wisconsin.

There is more to learn in 2 days then you could learn in weeks.

Tim Michigan

The camp was more then I expected.

Mike Wisconsin

The only way to take your deer hunting to the next level is to attend Tony’s boot camp.

Jeremy Michigan.

This class had taught me more in 2 days then any amount of magazine articles or any hunting show.  Tony and Chris are the most knowledgeable on deer and land management I have ever spoke with.  Simply amazing. – Kevin – Indiana

Tony you are Moses for the dear community, you are able to part the sea of information and provide a guiding light/path.  Thank you.

Austin Wisconsin

I’ve hunted over 30 years and have had excellent results.  I didn’t know if this boot camp would be worth it ($795.00) but I want to improve my hunting and thought I would try it.  I wish I would have know what I learned at boot camp years ago.  I know I would have had much better hunting, but its never to late to make things better.  Thank you. – Tony – Wisconsin

A great “offence” is everything.  Especially in deer hunting and deer habitat enhancement and Tony gives you a great game plan that is bullet proof and effective.  Mike Wisconsin

I heard the negative talk on the internet about Tony being argent and boastful.  I’m here to tell you the only people that think that of Tony have probably never succeeded at anything.  He’s not argent or cocky at all.  He’s just confident and his ways work because they are real life experiences.  Chris Indiana

I received information that I can easily use and improve my property for next hunting season.

Gary Indiana


Kenn North Carolina

It was great, I learned so much.

Steve Wisconsin

“Every property needs a hooker”

Carson Wisconsin


FEBRUARY 20 & 21


I own 1,000 acres, bordered by 45,000 state game land.  I should have bought 100 acres and gave the rest of my money to Tony to build a deer heaven.

 Bob Pennsylvania

Tony is all he says he is!  I would recommend the boot camp unless you are my neighbor!

 Jonathan New York


 Darin  Nebraska

I felt I was pretty knowledgeable on deer and land management before I attended the class.  After going though the boot camp, I realized we were doing a lot of things wrong.  I now have a ton of great ideas on how to develop the true potential that our property has to offer.  Patrick  Indiana

This class is everything and more than you will read about.  The amount of information Tony, Chris and Ed present will make your head spin!

  James New York

It is worth every penny. Will save a lot of head ache and time.  Jeremy  Michigan

Everything a hunter thinks about put clearly and simply without gimmicks.  True passion.

Kevin Wisconsin

Tony is the best deer expert I have ever come in contact with in 30+ years of deer hunting.

Frank New Jersey


Jim  Michigan

I had read on your website how people were missing driving exits. I did the same thing on the way home. Too much excitement and things to think about.  Kevin  Indiana

I did not anticipate that I would learn so much new after managing my own property for 20 years. Outstanding weekend.

John Indiana

I questioned my self what would he know that I haven’t figured out on my own in 32 years of hunting and reading.

 I now know why his classes are full and he gets the price he charges because its worth it.

 Robert  Indiana

Tony belongs in an extremely tiny segment of whitetail enthusiasts that is not only keen in observation skills, but able to translate his observations into fool proof methods to use whitetail behavior to your advantage.  A rare individual who will honestly share he knowledge and expertise.  Gene Illinois

Tony is a no-nonsense land management guru for whitetails.  He provides a comprehensive fast paced educational experience for the serious landowner to enhance their property to attract and hold whitetails.

  Doug New Jersey

Its amazing how much an average hunter knows, but doesn’t know how to put it together!  Also, Tony has his S*** together!

Dave New York

Tony is the best deer expert I have ever come in contact with in 30+ years of deer hunting.

 Frank  New Jersey

More info than expected, Great two days.

Tom  Michigan

 My quote, “A hunting buddy recommended that I attend Tony LaPratt’s Whitetail Boot Camp with him. He told me that he wasn’t exactly sure what we would learn but after attending one of Tony’s talks at a sport show, he was convinced that Tony had something to teach all of us.  The Camp far exceeded all my expectations and was one of the most enjoyable, informative, and inspirational two days I can remember.  Everything you thought you knew about deer behavior, hunting mature bucks, property management, and food plots, you don’t.  Tony’s system will change the way I hunt this year.  A can’t wait for the snow to leave so I can get started.” Thank you – Scott


MARCH 6 & 7


“Just the best”  Tom   Missouri

If you don’t attend Tony’s camp, you really don’t want to understand mature bucks.

Paul Wisconsin.

“What an eye opener”  “They’re just rabbits with antlers”

Tom Iowa

If anyone is even halfway serious about bow hunting whitetails, you have to go to Tony LaPratt’s boot camp.  Keep up the good work!

  Shane   New Hampshire

Being from the south I was concerned that this weekend would not apply to me.  Man was I wrong.  Deer are deer no matter where you are.  My head is spinning with ideas to take home. These land management principles can apply anywhere a land owner wants to see and more importantly harvest mature bucks!  Thank you Tony, Lesa, and Chris.

 Trey Georgia

This was a fantastic opportunity to learn from a master of whitetail deer hunting.  I loved every minute of the boot camp and learned tons of valuable information.  An excellent value.

Steven Michigan

I would recommend everyone. For everyone that wants to kill big bucks to Boot Camp

Isaac Michigan


Bob  Michigan

Being in the woods seeing things first hand was the best part! Also, going to the different properties to see different ways things can be done was very educational. I learned more about deer the first day than i had learned in 30 years of hunting. If you own land for hunting deer, especially small acreage, Tony’s Boot Camp is a must.

Frank  Wisconsin

Tony LaPratt hit the switch and turned on the lights in my head. It was like a little kid looking at the lights on a Christmas tree on

Christmas Eve just wondering what will be under the tree in the morning!

  Tony Wisconsin


MARCH 12 & 13


The best part of the Whitetail Boot Camp is Tony LaPratt. Tony’s comments while walking farms are the most valuable part of the program.  This is an outstanding program. Tony’s ideas are perfect for the hunting landowner. I have been to his methods have created a deer zoo on my property.

Jim  Pennsylvania

Very Very thorough.

  Greg  Michigan

This Boot Camp is the first and probably most important part every deer hunter needs to experience.

 And it is very crucial part to my deer hunting from this date forward.

Clay  Ohio

Tony knows Deer.

You wanta know Deer?

You wanta know Tony

John  Kansas

I had high expectations and you beat them. Thank You !

PS. keep up the good work.

  Reuben  Pennsylvania


Dan  Ohio

Lets use some “Tonyism”. I think I’ve always been a good deer hunter but after paying attention at Tony’s Whitetail Boot Camp

the last two years, I can now evolve into a “great” deer hunter.

 V.J.  Ohio

It was worth every dollar I spent! U can see it with your own eyes!

 Arlan  Wisconsin


Mike  Michigan

Wish I would of done this 2 years ago. Excellent  Impressive.

 Scott  Ohio

There is no question about the value of Tony’s information.

To improve your property in the fastest way possible you need to go to Tony LaPratt’s Boot Camp.

John  Ohio


MARCH 27 & 28


Tony’s boot camp is the best thing you can do for yourself and your property PERIOD….

Everyone else is a copy cat. TONY is the REAL DEAL!!

Brad  Ohio

The whole weekend was extremely informative.  I now loot at whitetail hunting in an entirely different way. Thanks much.

Gerard  Wisconsin

This is the second time I have attended boot camp.  I was surprised at how much more I learned this time than last.

Tony is always improving his program.  I plan to attend every 2 years, as long as I can.

Doug  Michigan

The first time was outstanding….the second time was better!

The “in-field” training is fabulous. Seeing is believing.

John  Michigan

Unbelievable experience.  Well worth every dollar.

Terry Wisconsin

I am more excited about my property than the day I bought it!

Joel  Michigan

Great- I was skeptical before hand because I like to leave my woods natural,

but creating the bedding areas and scrape line will fit in naturally.

Greg  Wisconsin

If you deer hunt it is a must, when spending so much time and money on the hunting land/equipment it is a must to then know about the animal being sought after.

Tony is an inspirational, motivated and passionate man who will teach you more about deer than the deer know about themselves. I learned more in 2 days than I have ever known about deer such basic observations that were pointed out will make a difference in the way I approach deer hunting for a lifetime. If you think your a fanatic you have not met Tony LaPratt and his partners.

John  Wisconsin

If you love and hunt whitetails after 2 days in boot camp I was more excited than the morning after my wedding night! Thanks Chris and Tony

Mark  Ohio


April 17-18


The boot camp was very educational and enlightening.

I learned many ways to improve my 90 acres for best deer movement and time on my property.

Ron  Michigan

I enjoyed just listening to Tony talk…He seriously would talk for hours non-stop

with out repeating on bit of information! His knowledge base is that big!

I thought I knew deer hunting, but all of Tony’s info was new to me.

Josh  Wisconsin

The only way to fully understand Tony’s system is to come to the boot camp.

Chris Wisconsin

I thought I had done enough study and observation over the years on my hand, but I was amazed at what I learned from Tony!

James  Michigan

Tony is the “Real Deal”

Robert  Wisconsin

 I enjoyed the way we were able to ask ?’s at any time. And also the personal attention.

This boot camp is for anyone who thinks they know everything there is to know about whitetail deer.

Bottom line they don’t!

Brian  Michigan

I learned techniques and principles that we can apply to out 85 acres.

That give us the best chance possible to harvest big bucks.  Loved the class!

Derwood  Ohio

Tony says he is not scientist, not true, science consists of experiments and Tony has earned a PHD in whitetail behavior and habitats and manipulation.

Bruce  Michigan

If you have ever trapped, this boot camp will make all the sense in the world to you!

Dewayne  Michigan

You have already SPENT the money on a place to hunt.

Now INVEST the money to learn how to effectively manage it for your deer herd.

Chris  Michigan

Tony and Chris gave me a totally new way to look at my land.  So many people talk about how much land they own,

Tony makes you look at how your utilizing the land you already own and making it work better than you ever thought it could.

Being from Buffalo County deer size and numbers are not the problem, getting the mature bucks to stay on your property is the problem,

Tony addressed that dead on.  Thanks very much and Happy Hunting.

Mark  Wisconsin


April 24-25


WOW! I learn something(s) different every time I’m around Tony & Chris

Tony’s bucks die the happiest, and unsuspecting of any bucks killed in the country. He gives them everything they need or desire, to die happy.

Tony  Michigan

This is my second boot camp and came away with learning so much more.

Lonnie  Illinois

Class sent me in a totally different direction.  Expanded my direction to be more inclusive of my entire property.  Totally Amazing.

Jeff  Maine

The best money I have spent on hunting bar none! you want to be a better hunter, this course will do it! No gimmicks!

Monty  Wisconsin

10 out of 10

Jesse  Michigan

The first 2 hours was worth the price of admission.

Thomas  Pennsylvania

Tony LaPratt’s whitetail boot camp is like Disney Land for the whitetail hunter!

Robert  Pennsylvania

I attended 1 boot camp and had Tony visit my property, but it was only after my second boot camp did it really start to sink in.

Andy  Michigan

I was very surprised by the fresh material and tactics explained

Bill  Minnesota

I liked the tour the best!! 9 out of 10

Steve  Wisconsin

I learned more than I thought I would all weekend in the first 2 hours.

Steve  Minnesota

If you want to be a real hunter you better come and learn at the boot camp.  Great Job

Mark  Michigan

I came here with a certain amount of skepticism, but am very comfortable with the very practical information provided and am impressed with the amount of whitetail knowledge I gained! Thanks.

Stephen  Minnesota

Tony and Chris are some of the most innovative and creative people I know.  When it comes to understanding deer and deer movement, there is none better.

Not only do the techniques work at the whitetail research center but function just like that on my land as well.

Ken  Michigan


April 30-May 1


Tony’s property is like a five star hotel for deer, but Tony chooses when checkout time is!

“Tony is like Moses, his word is the truth”

James  Wisconsin


Jack  Ohio

I learned more in 2 days with Tony and Chris than I did 20 years of hunting on my own.

Scott  Ohio

It is worth the money.

Gary  Wisconsin

Easily the most informative and practical seminar I’ve attended.

Pete  New York


Monroe  Ohio

Insanity= Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.  See Tony and get cured of you insanity.

Larry  Ohio

The old adage that “You are never too old to learn something new.” Certainly applies to Tony’s boot camp!

The best thing is if you are retired you have time time to implement the concepts you learned

Wayne Michigan


Bion Michigan

Tony, unbelievable insights on holding & harvesting mature whitetails. Every serious hunter should invest in the Boot Camp because their return of there investment is unbelievable. Tony & Chris can help the average hunter fill his trophy room. Thanks again

Chad  Michigan


May 15-16


Before I attended your Boot Camp, I talked to several people that had either taken the boot camp class or had you set up their property. The comment I kept hearing was “It was the best money I ever spent on hunting period.” After attending the boot camp and actually seeing your system set up and explained, I heartily agree. Your boot camp information was honest, straight forward, well explained , and enjoyable. I plan on now having you visit my property to help me layout the best options for the use of my hunting land. I may have to spend a little less on sporting good this year, but I am determined to come up with the money to have you personally visit my property in the coming year.

George  Michigan

Tony connects the dots I didn’t even know existed. Tony’s U.L.M. and Boot camps are worth twice the money.

Don  Michigan

It was better than anything I could have hoped for.

Roy  Nevada

Tony knows the whitetail’s brain and what they are thinking at all times. He knows from research and studying exactly what is needed to utilize your land to it’s best potential for deer hunting! I highly recommend him if you want to experience great hunting.

Nick  Michigan

Attention to details!!! Tony’s team is exceptional to work with and always there to assist you whatever the situation maybe. His attention to the little things makes the whole picture come alive. It’s not that he’s the best in the whitetail world that makes him next to none. It’s his ability to teach others his success’s and goes about it in the most straight forward way that makes him untouchable by anyone in the industry.

Joe  Michigan

10% of hunters kill 90% of the mature bucks. The rest have never used the TL Ultimate Whitetail Boot Camp or Land Management.

Dan  Michigan

If you want to see the real deal you must come to Tony’s Whitetail Boot Camp.   Awesome!

Jeffery  Michigan

As the only Alpha Doe in your May 15/16 Boot Camp, I never had to wait for a bathroom. The Boot Camp was a unique experience and very simplistic, common sense ideas that I know will only improve our trophy hunting on our property.

Sue  Wisconsin


Chris  Michigan

If you are a deer hunter and know anything about deer hunting, After 1 hour you know Tony has deer management figured out.

Ed  Kentucky


June 12-13


I thought I knew a lot about deer before the Whitetail Boot Camp. Now I’m sure I know a lot thanks to being there.

Michael  Wisconsin

It gives a hunter hope!

David  Michigan

In a world where so many just want your money and are gone, Tony takes you back to a time when service and a man’s word were of true value.

Thomas  Indiana

And shot a 129″ buck with gun on November 21 2009. Tony has so much knowledge on Whitetail that I had to come the Boot Camp .

Bryan  Wisconsin

Tony LaPratt’s Land Management strategies will change the way I approach deer hunting forever.

Owen  Illinois

Thanks to U.L.M. (2009) I have alliterated our properties value (I.E. Deer) by an amount I never believed attainable. We control our deer now.

Rick  Michigan


August 7 & 8


Tony’s field trips were the most informative and educational time I’ve ever spent. I learned more about hunting trophy deer in one day than all of my previous hunting experiences, magazine articles, books, and TV shows combined. A “must attend” weekend for any serious landowner/hunter

Brad  Texas

OMG!!  With an associates degree in Wildlife Management, I learned more in 2 days than 2 years!

Thank you, Adam  Texas

Been building up our 77 acres for over 10 years  ——- Went from 1 or 2 bucks/season to 5,6, or 7 per most days —— Now can do so much more Thank You! – Bill – Michigan

Great job Thanks for having me. Attended in 2008 and learned much more info. Way to much information at one time. Way good. Thanks again Great Job. – Ron – Michigan

My old routine of hunting stayed the same for years, the little things Tony explained to me made so much more sense. I can’t believe how wrong I was. – Joe – Wisconsin

I attended Boot Camp six years ago. The changes my husband & I made on our properties after attending weekend gave us results!

1. sheds on properties, holding deer!

2. 31/2 to 41/2 year old bucks (2007,2009)

Tony being the person he is, always thinking out of the box left us with more improved management skills. If you never been to a Boot Camp We highly recommend.

If you attended one in the past, Do sigh up for another. His knowledge of whitetail deer is endless. Always learning, proving it works & then shares. Make your hunting season an experience you will always remember. Lots of time in the woods gets results!

Vicky  Michigan

“Changes the way you think about deer & deer hunting”

Robert  Wisconsin

Tony is a master mind on developing and understanding whitetail habitat & behavior. He is a whitetail in a human body.

Tim  Michigan

Was worth the time and money, should’ve done this years ago.

Randy  Michigan

This was the most important step in my development as a deer hunter in the past 12 years.

The best part was walking the farm to see how everything works as a system.

Erik  Michigan

The information is all refreshing new things always happening. If there’s a question on deer–They have the answer.

Irvin  Michigan

I’m sorry I did not bring my wife and son. Who are my hunting partners.

Michael  Michigan

“Tony is like the Mr. Miyagi (The Karate Kid) of the deer hunting world.  He takes many simple concepts and ties them together to take his students to a high level of understanding quirky.”

Casey  Ohio