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Boot Camp attendees have come from all parts of North America including the states highlighted below and also Alaska and Canada.


Introducing our newest team member

Ed “Mr. Food Plot” Spinazzola

Food Plot Specialist

Ed Spinazzola is the Recognized Authority on Food-Plot Development to Attract White-Tailed deer in Northern Environments

Ed Spinazzola, also know as “Mr. Food Plot”, has been involved with planting food plots for wildlife for more than 30 years.  He is a huge addition to our team.  Ed Spinazzola has spent thousands of hours Researching, Planning, Creating, and Monitoring food plots.  Ed’s vast knowledge and experience surpasses anyone we have met!  Check out his website www.deerattraction.com.  Ed will be at all the Boot Camps presenting his views, knowledge, and to answer your questions.  Ed and his wife Pat will be representing Ultimate Land Management & Whitetail Boot Camps at the Deer Shows.  Ed’s help will free up Chris and me to spend more time helping you create your Ultimate Hunting Land

     The Most Extensive Whitetail BOOT CAMP Ever Offered for the serious TROPHY DEER HUNTER.

Tony LaPratt


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The NEW ADVANCE Whitetail Boot Camp

    There is nobody out there that could attend this boot camp and not be overwhelmed by the quality of the information, the new innovative tactics, and concepts that I have discovered.  They are 10 to 20 years ahead of their time!

Rare opportunity to learn the Newest Discoveries and Techniques from Trophy Deer Management Specialist and Master Deer Hunter, Tony LaPratt at the amazing Whitetail Habitat Research Center.  Every hunter needs to see this for themselves!  “Tony is the most innovative land manager and leads the nation in manipulating and influencing the habitat and bedding areas to attract large mature bucks.”

Here are over 50 exclusive and enhanced, cutting edge reasons to attend Tony LaPratt’s Whitetail Boot Camp.

  • Designing and building the Ultimate Buck Bed – Exclusive
  • Building the Ultimate Scrape Line – Enhanced
  • Building the Ultimate Stand Placement – Exclusive
  • Time Management for Bucks – Exclusive
  • The Ultimate Food Plot and Design – Enhanced
  • Designing the Ultimate Maze Concept – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Doe Bedding area – Exclusive
  • The Ultimate Scent Control System – Enhanced
  • Advanced sign analysis – Enhanced
  • The Ultimate Stand Concealment – Exclusive
  • Learn how to draw Big Bucks for Miles – Enhanced
  • Build the Ultimate Funnel – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Entrance and Exit Trails – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Browsing Area – Exclusive
  • Learn how to keep your stand fresh – Enhanced
  • The Ultimate Hunting Tactics – Exclusive
  • Learn how to Utilize every acre for the Deer and You – Exclusive
  • The Ultimate Mapping of your land – Enhanced
  • The Ultimate Scouting – Enhanced
  • Tactics and Concept of the Pre-Rut Period – Enhanced
  • Tactics and Concept of the Scraping Period – Enhanced
  • Tactics and Concept of the Breeding Period – Enhanced
  • Tactics and Concept of the Post Rut – Enhanced
  • The Ultimate Gun Blind – Enhanced
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of a Safe Area – Enhanced
  • The Concepts of Timber Stand Improvement – Enhanced
  • The Concepts of Wildlife Stand Improvement – Enhanced
  • The Analysis of Hunting Equipment, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. – Enhanced
  • How to make the 3 stages of a Pressured Buck Bed – Exclusive
  • Weather and Big Bucks – Enhanced
  • The Ultimate Observation Lane – Exclusive


* Here are the latest Exclusive Discoveries, Tactics and Concepts that will set the Whitetail World on FIRE.  None of these have ever been written about before.  They are Tony’s discoveries, developed at the Whitetail Habitat Research Center *

  • Building the Ultimate Sneak Trail for Bucks – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Whitetail Hangout – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Shooting Lane – Exclusive
  • Advanced Deer Behavior – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Watering Hole – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Communication Line for Bucks – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Marking Place for Bucks and Does – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Fawning Area – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Night Time Bedding Area – Exclusive
  • Learn How to Triple the Fawns born on your land – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Staging Area for Bucks – Exclusive
  • Advanced Alpha and Beta Doe Behavior Analysis – Enhanced
  • Advanced Big Buck Behavior Analysis – Enhanced
  • Concepts of a mature bucks defense – Enhanced
  • Tactics on when to make Your Move – Enhanced
  • Tactics and Defenses for Poaching and Trespassers – Enhanced
  • Lear how to avoid the 12 big mistakes most hunters make – Enhanced
  • The Ultimate Wind Analysis – Enhanced
  • Analysis on what changes Deer Movement – Enhanced
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Look Out for Bucks – Exclusive


      Here are some unbelievable stats on the Whitetail Habitat Research Center:

  •     It is only 52 acres.
  •     25 acres are woods.
  •     Consistently have over 400 rubs a year.
  •     It consistently has over 100 major scrapes on it a year.
  •     It has heavy hunting all around it.
  •     It is not fenced in.


    When it only had a couple of scrapes and maybe 20 rubs, you could hunt for 3 days and not see a single deer.  Now the Buck and Doe sighting are simply amazing.  In my food plots it is nothing to see anywhere from 6 to 11 bucks on some evenings.  My best day even at the Whitetail Habitat Research Center was last November.  In one stand I saw 15 different bucks, 14 under 30 yards and 5 of them would have made the record book.

Tony LaPratt’s two-day boot camp is for the hunter who wants to make sure he tags quality bucks every year.  His NO-HOLDS-BARRED BOOT CAMP is extremely educational with his lifetime of knowledge and hunting experience.  Imagine going to several different farms where we have taken over 50 trophy bucks.  These were average hunting properties that we transformed into the Ultimate hunting spots.  By making buck and doe beds, ultimate scrape line, ultimate rub line, and of course time management for bucks and more. You can imagine it will truly be mind boggling in fact.

Tony will show you his own exclusive hunting techniques not seen anywhere else.  Boot Camp will consist of in-the-field and class room educational experiences. Tony will show his own unique tree stand set-ups, and why they are so DEADLY on Trophy Bucks.

It also amazes Tony how many hunters spend their hard earned money on ATV’s and other hunting products.  Come on guys for the price of a good camera you can attend the Whitetail Boot Camp.  The information you will learn here will put you in the top 1% of the hunters in the nation.  Before you ever bought the camera you probably already knew there where big bucks in your area.  All the camera does is rub it in because you have all these picture of these bucks, but you never see them from your stand.  The camera didn’t put one more buck under you stand that wasn’t already going by it.  I will guarantee it.  In fact the majority of the hunters that use cameras make their bucks more nocturnal and pushes them onto the neighbors lands.  That’s the real truth.  I have 31 big bucks on my walls and I have never used a camera.  Stop buying products if you really want to be a great hunter.  It’s knowledge, knowledge, knowledge.  Invest in one of my boot camps, then you will have a picture of a big buck.  The great thing about it is that you will be in the picture also.  Hunting Products are nice to have, but they don’t really put you in front of your real dream trophy bucks (Tony’s boot camp will).  Let your friends buy the $20.00 wonders and magic potions and all the other gimmicks out there while you invest in Tony’s boot camp.  Tony knows who he’ll put his hard earned money on.  So don’t waste another year.

“Physics had Einstein; the deer world’s equivalent is Tony LaPratt.” – Tom Budnik, Minnesota

“I learned more information in first hour of Boot Camp than in all the years of reading books and magazine articles.” – Dan Boskopf, Wisconsin

“LaPratt doesn’t write books, He doesn’t do television or videos. He’s a hands-on, face-to-face teacher – and likely the biggest name in the whitetail hunting world that you’ve never heard of.” – Dave Henderson Outdoors Writer, New York

Check out this article by Ron Lanford of the Safari Club International – Click Here



        There is nothing out there even comparable to this amazing whitetail boot camp.  So if record book bucks are TRULY YOUR DREAM, THEN IT’S A NO-BRAINER! Sign up for my Boot Camp TODAY!

These are pictures from some of my Boot Camps