Whitetail Habitat Research Center


    This facility is the only one of its kind to devote all of it’s resources and creative thinking into new discoveries and techniques and sets the standard by which all other hunting properties will be judged.  Here are a few exclusive discoveries and concepts that will set the whitetail world on fire.  None of these have ever been written about before, they are Tony’s discoveries and tactics developed at the Whitetail Habitat Research Center.

His most unbelievable discovery is how to build the ultimate buck bed.  How to get a buck to bed in the exact location or area by using the seven necessary components he developed to achieve this.  Of course how to build the ultimate doe bedding areas are equally important, and over the years Tony has fine tuned these components to a true art.

At the Whitetail Habitat Research Center all of our food plots are irrigated.  This ensures a good healthy food source for the deer in the area.

Here are more concepts to create the ultimate hunting land:


The “Maze Concept”

which is deadly on big whitetails.


The “Ultimate Whitetail Hang Out”

simply amazing, it will get your heart pumping

The “Ultimate Sneak Trail”

you must see it to believe it.


and last but not least,


“Time Management For Bucks”

The heart and soul of the ultimate hunting property.

You have never seen anything like this concept before.


These are just a few of Tony’s discoveries and concepts waiting for you at the Whitetail Habitat Research Center.