You have just entered into the most recent, cutting edge information available on Whitetail Deer, and Land Management for Whitetail Hunting.  These Concepts, Tactics, and New Discoveries are 10 to 20 years ahead of their time.

This is a rare opportunity to have a personalized plan for your hunting land by one of the hottest Trophy Deer Management Specialists & Master Deer Hunter Tony LaPratt.  He is also the founder of Whitetail Boot Camp and Amazing Whitetail Habitat Research Center.  Every hunter needs to see this for themselves!

“Tony has single handedly changed the way deer will be managed and hunted forever.” – Gordon Whittington of North American Whitetail magazine and TV show.  “Over the years I have been able to pick the brains of worlds best deer hunters and land managers.  I can honestly say that Tony LaPratt’s ideas and techniques are unique and they work in the REAL WORLD.  If you your goal is to make your land better for Whitetail hunting, his techniques will get you there.”

    Many hunters think luck, a magic potion, or some other gimmick is the secret to harvesting Trophy Bucks.  The real secret to consistently harvesting a Trophy Buck is KNOWLEDGE.

    Tony and Chris Pierson have helped hunters all over the Midwest.  In fact, In the last 5 years, Tony and Chris have done over 600 land management properties in 24 states which include (Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, West Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Kentucky, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Maine, Missouri, Arkansas, New Jersey, and Texas)  We have done more than 150,000 acres to date with the properties ranging from 5 to 6000 acres.  Several hundred of those properties were 80 acres or less.  My average for all land management properties is 175 acres.  Of course there are a few extremely large properties that you can’t put in because its not a true prospective of what I’m really doing.  For example, one of the big hunting properties that was over 6000 acres.  I’m also one of the busiest land managers out there, and I basically don’t even advertise.  Word of mouth is where my business comes from.  My clients are so extremely satisfied that they tell friends and other hunters about me and my services.  To me this is a powerful statement and I take great pride in it.

    I have been doing land managements for 14 years.  My 1st land management was in 1995.  For the last 5 years I can’t even keep up with all the referrals.  I’m usually booked 3 or more months out.

    Most hunters have BIG BUCKS in their area.  However, they rarely harvest or even see them.  It’s not usually because of your hunting skills or tactics.  It’s the way your land is laid out.  Let’s face it, most hunting land is not laid out for great hunting or more importantly great deer movement.

It takes three areas of knowledge to be consistent on trophy bucks:

  • The hunter must have a great game plan; scent control, and proper stand placement of gun blinds and tree stands, concealment, properly designed shooting lanes, entering and exiting trails, etc.
  • He must really understand the Whitetail Deer; advanced sign analysis, deer behavior, and the four stages of the rut.  This is a course in itself.  There is so much information a great hunter needs to know to be consistent.
  • The hunting property must meet all the Whitetails needs. More importantly it must be strategically laid out to create fantastic movement and utilize the entire property.  Usually in the 1st hour my clients are totally blown away (totally satisfied) at all the things I show and explain to them.


TONY’S SERVICES WILL TAKE CARE OF ALL THREE OF THESE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT DETAILS.  In fact, I will go into detail on over 100 topics in your personal U.L.M.  There is no one out there in the country even starts to come close to picking more super stand locations or for that matter putting up more deadly stands.  We are literally talking thousands of great stands across the Midwest.

    When he’s done setting up your hunting land, it will not only draw bucks from the surrounding area, it will create great deer movement, making it easier to harvest your trophy bucks. The most important thing to remember when dealing with small acreage is the land management must be intense and your hunting strategies must be flawless. That’s where Tony and Chris Pierson comes in. Let him help you reach your dreams, harvesting trophy bucks consistently on your own property! If he can’t help your hunting land,  Nobody can!

    Most hunting land is worth at least two hundred thousand dollars +/-, yet most hunters are not happy with the results they get from their land. If your house has a leaky roof you wouldn’t hesitate to get it fixed, you know the leaky roof is not going to fix it’s self. The leak will just keep getting worse. Your hunting land will not fix it’s self! So call Tony and he will fix it. Get the results you deserve and always dreamed about.

     Learn from an expert that specializes in Deer Management and hunting High Pressure Big Bucks on small acreage.

    This is one of the greatest whitetail U.L.M. of its kind ever offered.  Tony will personally come to your home.  He will go to your woods or deer camp.  He will show you his unique and exclusive Hunting and Ultimate Land Management techniques seen nowhere else.

    Here are a few exclusive discoveries and concepts that will set the whitetail world on fire.  None of these have ever been written about before, they are Tony’s exclusive discoveries, concepts and tactics developed at the Whitetail Habitat Research Center.

    Tony’s most unbelievable discovery is how to build the ultimate buck bed. Tony has discovered how to get a buck to bed in the exact location or area by using the seven necessary components he has developed to achieve this.  Of course how to build the ultimate doe bedding areas are equally important, and over the years Tony has fine tuned these components to a true art.

    Here are Discoveries, Tactics, and Concepts used to create the ultimate hunting land:

  • Designing and building the Ultimate Buck Bed – Exclusive
  • Building the Ultimate Scrape Line – Enhanced
  • Building the Ultimate Stand Placement – Exclusive
  • Time Management for Bucks – Exclusive
  • The Ultimate Food Plot and Design – Enhanced
  • Designing the Ultimate Maze Concept – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Doe Bedding area – Exclusive
  • Learn how to draw Big Bucks for Miles – Enhanced
  • Build the Ultimate Funnel – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Entrance and Exit Trails – Exclusive
  • Learn how to Utilize every acre for the Deer and You – Exclusive
  • The Ultimate Gun Blind – Enhanced
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of a Safe Area – Enhanced
  • The Concepts of Timber Stand Improvement – Enhanced
  • The Concepts of Wildlife Stand Improvement – Enhanced
  • How to make the 3 stages of a Pressured Buck Bed – Exclusive


* Here are the new Exclusive Discoveries, Tactics and Concepts that will set the Whitetail World on FIRE.  None of these have ever been written about before.  They are Tony’s discoveries, developed at the Whitetail Habitat Research Center *

  • Building the Ultimate Sneak Trail for Bucks – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Whitetail Hangout – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Shooting Lane – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Watering Hole – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Communication Line for Bucks – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Marking Place for Bucks and Does – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Fawning Area – Exclusive
  • Learn How to Triple the Fawns born on your land – Exclusive
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Staging Area for Bucks – Exclusive
  • Tactics and Defenses for Poaching and Trespassers – Enhanced
  • Lear how to avoid the 12 big mistakes most hunters make – Enhanced
  • Designing and building the Ultimate Look Out for Bucks – Exclusive


  •     The “Maze Concept”


                    The maze concept, it is so deadly on big whitetails!  The hunters are always very impressed at my Whitetail Boot Camp when they see it.  Someone always makes a comment no wonder you shoot big bucks every year.  The “Maze” brings them right to you.  I always reply yes, but to make it fair just before I shoot I always close one eye.

  •     The “Ultimate Scrape Line”


                       Simply amazing!  I really doubt if there is a hunting property out there, acre for acre, that can compete with the Whitetail Habitat Research Center for scrapes and buck signs in general.

  •     The “Ultimate Rub Line”


                    You must see it to believe it!  At the Whitetail Habitat Research Center in 2004 it had over 400 rubs.

    And last but not least,

  •     “Time Management For Bucks”


                    The heart and soul of the Ultimate Hunting  Property.  If you don’t have this working for you on your hunting property a lot of bucks are at your neighbors mercy because they are on your neighbors property during daylight hours.  And it’s just that simple

                    You have never seen anything like this concept before.

“Imagine turning a 50 acre farm into your own hunting paradise, and taking several 150 & 160 record-class bucks there.  I’ve done this.  You can, too.”

    My seven best bucks taken at the Whitetail Habitat Research Center gross over 150 inches.  My best six making the 900 club on just 52 acres.  Now that’s impressive anywhere in the country.

    Food plots.  Most of the other deer managers out there think it’s all about food.  People I’m here to tell you in no way is it about food.  For the people who think it’s all about food, they surely don’t know mature whitetail bucks.  It’s just that simple.  I know I would rather own a big mature bedding area than a food plot any day.  Now food plots are extremely important, but in no way is it first.  It’s all about the bedding area.  A big mature buck will travel for food, water and even for does.  The only thing he will never compromise is his safety and that’s the real truth.

    So don’t miss this rare opportunity.  Change your hunting land and hunting success forever.

     Here’s an easy way to see if your hunting land needs my help.  On opening day of gun season, you probably see a good amount of buck and doe sightings and movement but the second day you only see a couple of deer and very little movement the third day it’s all over no deer or movement it’s all gone as easy as 1, 2, 3. This tells me a wealth of information.  You don’t have a sanctuary bedding area on the hunting land and your hunting tactics could use a little fine-tuning.  There is a whole list of things that I need fix.  If your land is set up right and hunted properly every day during the hunting season more deer should be piling into your bedding areas.  On my own hunting land by the second week of the season it is nothing to see six or more bucks in my food plots that I have never laid my eyes on before.  They are from a couple miles away.  My second week of gun season is better then my first week because most of all the deer in the area are now living on my hunting land.  This is what I could do for your hunting land and so much more!

    When you are thinking of hiring someone to help make your deer hunting property awesome and fine tune your hunting skills.  To be a step above the other hunters and properties in your area.

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Biologist, Forester, Land Manager, Outdoor Writer, etc.  If they really understand big whitetail bucks, they will be very consistent on harvesting good bucks every year.  They should know what to do, when to do it, and where to do it.  It really is that simple to see if they are the real deal.  If not then they are just another story teller.

    Here are the real questions you need to ask:

  • You want to see what deer they have taken in the last 10 years.  Are they consistent on good bucks?  Each year a lot of consultants out there can’t get a good buck for themselves.  They are just good at growing telephone poles.  How are they going to help you get a great buck if they can’t get one for themselves?
  • You must tell them you don’t want to see pictures of deer taken in an enclosure or with an outfitter.  You want to see what he can do on his own.
  • You don’t want to see pictures of deer taken on huge tracks of land either.  200 or less.  Where you can’t make mistakes and still get a great buck.
  • It is very important what state he hunts also.  If your land is in an extremely high pressured area like Michigan and Pennsylvania.  It does you little good to hire someone who hunts in states like: Kansas, Iowa, Texas, Missouri, and Canada.  You know the states and places we are talking about.  It is where all the TV shows are filmed.  They sure don’t run to Michigan or Pennsylvania now do they?
  • Does he have a great reputation?  What about testimonials about his work, character, and his management of the whitetail deer and their habitats in high pressured states?  Is he a leader in cutting edge tactics for whitetail deer?  Basically is he the total package?


    If you really ask these questions my name should be at the top of the list.  I know hunting land and I know big bucks.  I also know, more importantly,  how the two work together!

    I believe everyone shines somewhere in life.  A man can be a great surgeon or mechanic, he may be the best husband or father the list is truly endless.  My best friend said to me “You’re a genius in the woods but you’re one of the dumbest man on concrete that I’ve ever meet.” Unfortunately there’s a lot of truth in this statement if its electronics and its got a power button you don’t want me to touch it.

    The greatest ideas usually come from an average man with passion, usually working in his garage!  I know I wasn’t supposed to be the one to figure out how to get a buck to bed in an exact spot, or how to get does to bed in a certain spot either.  If that wasn’t enough I figured out how to use up their daylight time using my Time Management for Bucks.  I know all of these new discoveries are going to set the whitetail world on fire!  They were supposed to be discovered by one of the big names in the whitetail world.  But instead, it was just a man with a passion for the whitetail deer.  Me, Tony LaPratt.

    Attention Hunt Clubs and Land Owners.

    You usually need my service the most because of the number of hunters on your property.  I can make everybody’s hunting spot great by building strategically placed small buck and doe beds in each area, including killing food plots and how to design them.  I can show you how to make the ultimate scrape line and get the bucks to make tons of rubs in that area.  Plus how to funnel the bucks by each stand or shooting shack and this is not taking into account all of my other tricks that are simply amazing and so deadly on big bucks.  Here’s another major problem with most hunt clubs, they are not working as a team.  Each hunter is working as an individual most of the time.  The hunters are working against the other members of the hunt club and really don’t even know he is doing it.  Usually everyone thinks all the problems are caused by the hunting property next door.  The shoot every deer they see, they bait heavy, they drive their 4-wheelers all over the place, they are very poor hunters, etc…  And it’s all probably true, but ask yourself this one questions.  If your neighbors are such bad hunters then where should all the deer be?  On your property.

Now that doesn’t mean that you are not a much better hunter.  It just lets me know you are making some mistakes too.  It also means that your property needs a few things fixed as well.  The deer don’t feel totally safe on your property so they travel back and forth on the other deer hunter properties in the area.  My system will show you how to keep all the deer on your side of the fence during daylight hours.

    It is my second best discovery at the Whitetail Habitat Research Center.  I call it Time Management for Bucks.  Of course my best discover is the Ultimate Buck Bed.  There is nothing more important in the entire whitetail world then where a buck beds.  It is his sacred ground.  I will bring all of this and more than you can imagine to your hunt club.  I can fix all the hunting problems.  But there is one problem, unfortunately, and it’s your biggest problem of all.  If you have more than four partners this one I can’t fix, and doubt that anyone can.  It’s simply too many chiefs in camp.  You will have at least one or all of these types of chiefs in camp.

  • Chief Do Nothing.  Nothing is working.  He knows the deer hunting could be so much better, and the bucks could be much bigger and a lot more plentiful.  But he will let 20 years go by and still be proud that he is Chief Do Nothing.  One thing is for sure nothing has changed.  Just another season wasted!
  • Chief Know It All.  This man can’t help us, I don’t see how I know, There’s nothing he can show us we’re not already doing.  I know this.  Even when I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you hired me his jaw would be touching the ground on all the different ways I help you guys and your hunting land.  If Chief Know It All actually knows it all then why isn’t everyone shooting big bucks right now?  He too will let 20 years of bad hunting go by and still be proud that he is Chief Don’t Know It All, I mean Chief Know It All.
  • Chief Tightwad.  He knows the land is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, but he is not going to invest one dime to make it a truly great hunting camp.  In 20 years he will have his jar full of dimes.  Of course, he could have had 20 or more big bucks on the wall along with all those great moments and time spent at a super hunting camp.  But instead, he likes holding his jar of dimes and telling a story of when he almost got the really big one.  I was sneaking up on this monster buck and I was just about ready to shoot when he heard me squeak, and he was gone forever.  I know I’m making fun of all of it, but when the real Chief calls – Chief Get It Done.  I know that there is nothing funny about it.  When he tells me that he has tried to get all the other chiefs to head in the right direction with no luck.  It is because they are all being themselves.  Arguing between themselves at good old Camp Doom.


    As a team we can make your hunting land unbelievable because I am a get-it-done type of guy.  There is just one little problem stopping it all from happening.  You have to make the first move by calling me.  Then look out, because I am the REAL DEAL.


Tony LaPratt


In some areas, This is the only way to travel., Thanks Mike & Carson

Several years ago at the Michigan Deer and Turkey Spectacular, I went over to where Gordon Whittington and Stan Pots were sitting.  They knew me through the deer shows and they always stopped and talked to me.   I think they had respect for me because of my Whitetail hunting accomplishments.  Gordon Whittington and Stan Pots are legends in the Whitetail world.  I am proud and honored that they always took time for me, I can’t tell you how much.  On that day I said to to them, “Gordon and Stan, I want to tell you guys what I have been working on for years.  In a minute you will either be laughing at me, or I will have all of your attention.  I can get a deer to bed where I want it to,  I go into the woods where there’s no deer bedding.  I basically rearrange the area by using seven steps, and I can get a buck to bed in that spot.  Plus, I can build doe bedding areas where I want them.  You wouldn’t believe me on all the other things I have figured out and I am working on.”

They asked me lots of questions, some I answered, some I would not because I was trying to protect my discoveries.  Gordon Whittington said, “Tony if you have really pulled this off you single handedly changed the way deer will be managed and hunted forever.  And, I can tell you right now that there is no one in the country working on what you are doing.  I know because in my line of work I’m talking to the top deer biologists, deer hunters, and managers out there on a regular basis.  I assure you there is no one.”

Gordon and I talked for the next couple of years and we worked together for a while and he got to know me well.  One day Gordon said to me, “Tony I have a testimonial for you.”

“Over the years I have been able to pick the brains of the worlds best deer hunters and land managers out there.  I can honestly say that Tony LaPratt’s ideas and techniques are unique and they work in the REAL WORLD.  If you your goal is to make your land better for Whitetail hunting, his techniques will get you there.” Gordon Whittington