All testimonials are appreciated and very important no matter who they come from.  However, there are a few individuals who stand out because of their occupation.  Like Glenn Helgeland, who puts on the best deer shows in the mid-west, Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Water magazine, Adam Doro who is the publisher and owner of Rub Line magazine, and Ed Spinazzola who is the author of several food plot books.  These individuals make their living in the whitetail world.  They know all the newest information out there on whitetail deer.  They know all the top hunters, all the biologists, outdoor writers, whitetail consultants, foresters, etc…  They simply know who are the want-a-bees, the BSer’s, and the real deals out there.  With all their connections and information they have at their fingertips, they could literally hire anyone they chose.  But, when they decided to hire someone to take their hunting property to the next level, they hired me.  To me this is a very powerful statement when you can impress these types of individuals with your whitetail knowledge, you know you are doing it right.

I am extremely proud, grateful, and honored about what my clients write about me, my services and integrity.  I am a man of true passion for my work and the whitetail deer.  Everyone sees it as soon as they meet me.  I know I will never take it for granted.  I always give 110%.  There is one more thing I would like to comment on.

Hunters always want to know what I can teach them that they haven’t already read or heard about.  The information I will show you and explain in great detail is my exclusive discoveries and techniques.  The information didn’t come out of a book, and I didn’t steal it from someone else.




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